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Government, Not-For-Profit & Healthcare

Government, Not-For-Profit & Healthcare

Helping nonprofits, including those within government and healthcare, has been a passion of ours since day one. For this reason, we’ve created Wintrust Government, Non-Profit, Healthcare, a specialty group available through your Wintrust Community Bank®, that caters to the unique needs of nonprofits with a suite of competitive products. Our team is wholly focused on personalized service.

We understand that since the banking crisis, the landscape for banking services targeted to nonprofits has changed dramatically and we know the importance of having resources specifically dedicated to this sector. We offer direct-service, tax-exempt bonds; flexible leasing solutions; and asset and treasury management services, all geared toward nonprofit entities. Plus, through our MaxSafe® Program, we can increase FDIC insurance coverage from a maximum of $250,000 to $3.75 million.

To build the perfect, customized solution for your nonprofit, contact Kandace Lenti at 312-291-2906.


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